Introducing InspectorPages QR Codes

QR code for this post

QR codes (short for Quick Response codes) are those weird square bar codes you’ve been seeing more and more of.  They look something like this:

They’re great for print advertising, because they make it really simple for your potential clients with smartphones to get to your site.  All they have to do is scan the code with their phone, and it’ll automatically load (without them having to type anything).

Now InspectorPages automatically generates a QR code for each page and post on your site, as well as one for your home page.  Here’s what that looks like on your dashboard:

Screenshot of QR code

This is what you'll see on your InspectorPages dashboard.

And here’s what it looks like on your posts and pages:

Image of QR code on the page editor

This is what you'll see when you're editing a post or a page.

This new feature is available immediately to all InspectorPages customers. Just log in and you’ll see it on your dashboard and on the page editor.  Enjoy!

Satisfied Customer

“Wow! InspectorPages was a great find for me and my business. From the start of the sign-up process (which included 2 months free to get to know the system), to publishing my site, the customer service help was perfect. I could count on Danny to help me with any problems I ran up against. He was invaluable. I am very happy with my website and it’s continuing upgrades of functionality and ease of use.”

– Mike G. of Safety Home Service