Linking a custom domain name to your Inspector Pages site

These are the most up-to-date instructions on how to link your custom domain name ( with your Inspector Pages site. For these instructions, we’ll assume you’re using GoDaddy, but the same principles apply to other registrars:

1. Log into your registrar account
2. Visit ‘My Account’
3. Launch ‘Domains’
4. Click on your Web Address
5. Click ‘Manage’ under Nameservers
6. Click ‘Standard’ radio button
7. Click ‘Save’
8. Wait about 10 minutes to propagate
9. Click ‘DNS Zone File’
10. Click ‘Edit’
11. Under ‘A (host)’ click the field under ‘Points to’, change the address to
12. Click ‘Save Zone File’
13. Click ‘OK’
14. You’re done!

A new, fairer way of working

At Inspector Pages, we’re making some changes to the way we charge Inspectors for the services we offer.

In the coming days, you’ll notice that the Packages we offer have become simplified. There is just one level – “Full”.

With this level, you’ll get all site features of the old “Managed” package.

The way we offer support has also changed accordingly:

Now, support is charged as and when required only. We’ve found that this is fairer and more beneficial to Inspectors.

Consider the following situation:

You’re an Inspector who (say) a few times per year needs some text changing on their site. In the past, you’d use the Managed package (5 hours). The work you’d need would only be sporadic, but you’d be paying for the full Managed package which you didn’t need.

Now, with everybody on the “Full” package, you only pay as and when you need anything doing!

So, for example, if you need some text changing on your site, just go to the Paid support page and submit a ticket – and within 48 hours, your job is complete and you can continue on your lower-rate subscription to Inspector Pages!


– If we can’t fulfil your request, we will refund your ticket

– We are not making standard processes “charged only” – for example, you can (as always) add/edit/delete pictures, text, videos, color schemes and everything else on your Inspector Pages site!

– We are only charging for work that is optional, ie, work that you could do yourself but would rather have us do, and work that requires specialist knowledge and security checks, like the installation of plugins.

– There are no hidden charges – Inspectors are free to update their sites themselves, or submit a Paid Support Ticket and have us do it for them.


Sounds great, right?

Managed packages in the new system

You’ll notice that Managed packages have been phased out. But, what do you do if you’re currently subscribed to a Managed package?

If you’re using a Managed package just submit an Technical emergency support request, and start your message with the following line:


And until the end of your Managed subscription period, you will receive the equivalent to Paid support requests for free.

Once your Managed subscription is up, you’ll be put on to the “Full” package, to be in line with everybody else – but until then, you can have 5 hours’ worth of Paid support requests free of charge.

Knowledgebase, and more..


Okay, so, Knowledgebase has landed!

It offers detailed help & support videos on practically any query you’d have regarding your website – and it’s all free!

More videos are added every week, so the repository keeps getting bigger!

Custom work..

And in other news – we’re pleased to announce that we take on custom/specialist website work – of nearly any nature!

Take a look at our Extras page, where you can see everything we offer. If you have an idea for a modification to your site, and can’t do it yourself, Contact Us!

Coming soon – A new-look Knowledgebase!

Complete with a new website and design, the Knowledgebase is designed to be the go-to place for all of your technical, design and support queries.

Knowledgebase by MyProPages

Of course we’re still happy to speak by email and phone! But, the Knowledgebase probably has it covered!

We’re ordering it by commonly asked questions, and their relevant category. It’s really easy to use, and constantly updated by our team!

If you have a query, and think it’d benefit from being in the Knowledgebase, feel free to drop us an email on [email protected] with your suggestion!

We hope you like it!

InterNACHI Integration & New Shortcodes

InspectorPages has just added a new feature that allows InterNACHI members to link their accounts with InspectorPages.  Once your account is linked, you will have access InterNACHI-only features.  These features include our new shortcodes, which let you add InterNACHI tools (like the agreement system, or your transcript, or your certification seal) to any page on your site.  Check it out:

We already had a few shortcodes, but we’ve added more and integrated them better.  This update also opens the door for a lot more shortcodes in the future.


Introducing InspectorPages QR Codes

QR code for this post

QR codes (short for Quick Response codes) are those weird square bar codes you’ve been seeing more and more of.  They look something like this:

They’re great for print advertising, because they make it really simple for your potential clients with smartphones to get to your site.  All they have to do is scan the code with their phone, and it’ll automatically load (without them having to type anything).

Now InspectorPages automatically generates a QR code for each page and post on your site, as well as one for your home page.  Here’s what that looks like on your dashboard:

Screenshot of QR code

This is what you'll see on your InspectorPages dashboard.

And here’s what it looks like on your posts and pages:

Image of QR code on the page editor

This is what you'll see when you're editing a post or a page.

This new feature is available immediately to all InspectorPages customers. Just log in and you’ll see it on your dashboard and on the page editor.  Enjoy!

Satisfied Customer

“Wow! InspectorPages was a great find for me and my business. From the start of the sign-up process (which included 2 months free to get to know the system), to publishing my site, the customer service help was perfect. I could count on Danny to help me with any problems I ran up against. He was invaluable. I am very happy with my website and it’s continuing upgrades of functionality and ease of use.”

– Mike G. of Safety Home Service