InspectorPages 3.3 Update

Last night we finished a major upgrade to InspectorPages.  This release is version 3.3, and brings a ton of new features:

Expanded InterNACHI Integration

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you go to “Settings” and log in with your InterNACHI account:

Logging in will get you access to a ton of InterNACHI members-only features.  These include an expanded selection of pre-built content, such as InterNACHI’s web seals:

And InterNACHI content:

And speaking of InterNACHI content, we’ve expanded the selection immensely (and will continue adding more!):

Now, each time you add InterNACHI content, you’ll see a place holder that looks like this:

When you publish your page and view it on your site, the place holder will automatically be replaced with the latest version of that article.  That way you never have to worry about keeping an article up to date.  As we revise articles and add new content, your site will automatically get those updates!

A New Logo

You might also have noticed that InspectorPages is getting a new logo.  We haven’t updated the main site yet, but you’ll start to see it around:

 Better Image Uploads

With version 3.3 we’re introducing much better image upload capabilities.  You just click the “Add Picture” button above the editor, and you’re shown a simpler uploader:

And as you can see, the new uploader supports drag and drop (if your browser supports it), so you can just drop the images you want to upload right on to the uploader.

Updated Admin Interface

We’ve upgraded the admin interface with a bunch of new features:

  • A responsive design that better adjusts to screen size.  This means that you can now edit your site from an iPad or other tablet with much more ease.
  • New menus that make it easier to navigate the site.  Just hover over a menu and it shows you all the options without having to click on it.
  • New toolbar with quick links to important features.
  • “Pointers” that will explain features to you the first time you use them (this is a brand-new tool, and we’ve only added them in a few places—expect a bunch more in the near future).
  • Better co-editing, so if you work with other people on your site, you’ll run into less conflicts (if you’re both trying to edit the same page).

Faster Code

We’ve also upgraded the underlying code to make it leaner and faster.  You’ll notice that pages load a little faster, and editing them is quicker, too.  These upgrades are just the start, though.  We’re constantly improving InspectorPages, and expect even more improvements soon!

We hope you enjoy the updates.  We tested them thoroughly before releasing them, but with big updates like this it’s always hard to catch every tiny bug, so please contact support if you notice anything that seems wrong to you.

Satisfied Customer

“Wow! InspectorPages was a great find for me and my business. From the start of the sign-up process (which included 2 months free to get to know the system), to publishing my site, the customer service help was perfect. I could count on Danny to help me with any problems I ran up against. He was invaluable. I am very happy with my website and it’s continuing upgrades of functionality and ease of use.”

– Mike G. of Safety Home Service